Harumi Kouno
(こう)野 はるみ
Harumi Kouno
Leaf's official card artwork of Happy Summer Days, featuring Harumi.
Biographical Information
Birthdate December 3
Nickname(s) Milfa (ミルファ)
Gender Female (♀)
Zodiac sign Sagittarius (♐)
Hair color Pink
Eye color Blue
Three sizes 88-56-82 cm (35-22-32 in)
Height 153 cm (5'0")
First Appearances
Game debut To Heart 2: Another Days
Manga debut To Heart 2: Another Days
Anime debut To Heart 2 adplus
Voiced by
Japanese CV Kotomi Yamakawa (山川 琴美)

Harumi Kouno (河野 はるみ Kōno Harumi?) is a character from To Heart 2: Another Days. In reality, she is a robot—under a name Milfa (ミルファ Mirufa?), with the robot model designation of HMX-17b.


Harumi has a pink shoulder-length straight hair consisting of blunt bangs and blue eyes.


A highly energetic girl who appears out of nowhere and suddenly declares herself to be Takaaki's lover, calling him "darling" and kissing him within moments of introducing herself to him.

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